Real Estate Marketing Tips | Improving Your Customer Care

Real estate is a tough business. You get paid according to your performance, the results you deliver and little else. Once you factor in how competitive the business can get, then marketing becomes paramount. Many businesses spend a lot of money promoting their brand and image yet treat customer service as an undesirable chore. Those in real estate don't have this luxury, since about 75 percent of an agent's business is from referrals. All this is facilitated by current customers, so keeping them happy should be central in your marketing plan. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can enhance your customer care. If you're in real estate, and you want to stay at the top of your game, here are some ways to provide top-notch service.

Research the property's history

When brokering a deal for your client, research crucial information about the property involved. Why is the seller parting with it? Is there an urgent reason?  Extensive research will reassure your client that you're on their side and have their best interests at heart. Such information would even allow you to negotiate a better price for your customer. This makes them even happier, and it all translates to a better consumer experience.

Live messaging and answering services

Instant feedback is a powerful tool to promote your business. Eighty percent of people making an inquiry will work with the first realtor who returns their call. Establish 24/7 helplines for your business and ensure all responses are prompt. Also provide a toll-free number, and back up your help line with live people, since many clients are turned off by automated answering service. Many customers may prefer texting as a quicker option to calling especially when there's a long waiting period. To combat this, set up a live messaging or live chat option and give speedy responses.

Utilise social media effectively

Social media platforms are now the order of the day and your customer care service should reflect this. Integrate social media into your customer care programs. Monitor them consistently and respond effectively whenever there is a query. Never rely on just emails or helplines to figure out the issues your clients may be facing. Interacting in social platforms such as in Facebook groups can be a great way of getting a feel of any issues cropping up. You can then anticipate your client's needs for the best service. Also, you can use whatever insights you acquire to implement a content marketing strategy. This is where you post informative content that will help your target audience instead of just trying to sell your business. For instance, you can write about 'Beating the rush for houses during summer.' It's a great marketing strategy since you quickly establish a rapport with prospective clients who will seek your services when the time comes.