Real Estate Marketing Tips | Improving Your Customer Care

Real estate is a tough business. You get paid according to your performance, the results you deliver and little else. Once you factor in how competitive the business can get, then marketing becomes paramount. Many businesses spend a lot of money promoting their brand and image yet treat customer service as an undesirable chore. Those in real estate don't have this luxury, since about 75 percent of an agent's business is from referrals.

Opening a Daycare Center: 3 Reasons to Order Custom Badges for Staff Members

Opening a daycare centre may be perfect for you if you love working with and taking care of children. Even if you only have a small group of staff members helping out at the daycare centre and everybody knows everybody, you should still consider ordering custom badges for everyone on staff. Here's 3 reasons why. Helping Parents Identify Employees and Outsiders When managing and operating a daycare centre, your primary goal is to keep the children safe and the centre secure.